Top Gun Stocks List 30-Day Free Trial

Top Gun Stocks List 30-Day Free Trial


When you trade with a list which has a higher probability of moving in your direction, you typically get:

    • More profits
    • More winners
    • Bigger winners
    • Less losers
    • Smaller losers
    • Smoother equity curve
    • Better compounding
    • Less stress
    • An easier trading journey

In fact, it’s more of everything you do want and less of everything you don’t want!

No Credit Card Required!

This list gives you stocks with the highest probability of moving up in the coming days and weeks. A perfect watchlist for swing trading long, and also for potentially holding trades a little longer.

The list gives you a unique combination of:

  • Relative Strength ranking, which is a proven factor over many years of academic research, and is in use in the markets right now by large hedge funds.
  • A unique and proprietary algorithm which prioritizes those stocks which are making the smoothest up moves, measured with statistical validity.


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