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If you're like me, the early part of your trading career has probably been a struggle. Probably like you, I was frustrated at being unable to find reliable market information that led to a consistent edge in the market

I found that a massive part of the success of any trading system is good stock selection. You have to be in the right stocks at the right time.

The answer for me turned out to be Relative Strength. I found that the probability that relative strength will persist has been statistically proven by the math nerds in the academic community.

And, even more tellingly, relative strength is in use in the market right now by some very large hedge funds.

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The bottom line is, I found no useful source for the retail trader, so I developed a system to gather the data for myself.

I shared the data with just a small number of trading buddies, and confirmed that it continues to work in just the way the research in the academic white papers showed.

So, I am presenting data and methods I use to analyze stocks, together with their sectors and industries.

You're going to find out exactly how to put this principle to work for you. Using our simple tools, it takes just minutes to find the best stocks.

Another large boost to the probability of success is for your stock's sector and industry to be also acting in sync. So we've got that covered, too.

Seriously Useful Data

32 Market sectors ranked by relative strength performance
206 industries ranked by relative strength performance
Over 4000 stocks ranked by relative strength performance, and organized Into their industries and sectors
Find the strongest stocks, in the strongest industry, in the strongest sector — perfect top down analysis in seconds

It's a lot of data. But the truth is, you'll be able to anlalyze and sort it in minutes - finally arriving at a stock watchlist you can have full confidence in.

You'll be able to download 3 proprietary spreadsheets. These give you access to a simple but powerful process to arrive at a highly qualified list of stocks with a high probability of moving. Either up or down.

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