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Stocks Relative Strength 

This is a simple spreadsheet which shows a list of around 6,000 stocks, all ranked by Relative Strength.

Put simply this shows us the strongest stocks in the market right now.


Stocks Relative Strength Spreadsheet download -- Click here

Sector Relative Strength

This table shows the 32 sectors of the market, along with the Relative Strength Ranking of each. The table can be sorted on any column.

Sorting by the Relative Strength column will bring the highest Relative Strenght to the top with one click, and reverse the sort with another click to bring the lowest to the top

Sector Relative Strength: Click here

Relative Strength Sector Industry Stock

Here we can sort and filter a database of about 3,000 stocks that meet our criteria, with the Relative Strength Ranking for not only the stock, but its Sector and Industry too.

The Ultimate Top-Down Analysis In Seconds

Top-down analysis means that you first find the highest-ranking sector, then you look for the highest-ranking industry in that sector. Finally, you find the highest-ranking stocks in that industry.

Relative Strength Sector Industry Stock: Click here

Top Gun Long Stocks List

This list approaches the subject of finding the best stocks from an entirely different angle. A combination of algorithms is used to find the stocks showing the best chart patterns. To this list is added the Relative Strength data for the stock, and its sector and industry.

Note this list is specifically for long trading. There is no equivalent list for short trades at this time. If the market is choppy or downtrending, there may be no stocks on this list.

This is a  real fast-track method to get right to the good stuff.

You potentially end up with the stocks making the best moves, with the highest Relative Strength, and in a Sector and Industry which is also showing high Relative Strength. It's everything you need to give your trading system the very best track to run on.

Top Gun Long List: Click here