Top Gun Long List

Top Gun Long List

This list approaches the subject of finding the best stocks from an entirely different angle. A combination of algorithms is used to find the stocks showing the best chart patterns. To this list is added the Relative Strength data for the stock, and its sector and industry. Note this list is specifically for long trading. There is no equivalent list for short trades at this time.
This is a  real fast-track method to get right to the good stuff.

You potentially end up with the stocks making the best moves, with the highest Relative Strength, and in a Sector and Industry which is also showing high Relative Strength. It's everything you need to give your trading system the very best track to run on.

This Week

Following the recent market drop which, of course, played havoc with the chart patterns of individual stocks, we are starting to see some symbols appearing on the Top Gun List.

Because the algorithm behind this list is looking for good chart patterns, there will be fewer stocks on the list when the market itself is in an unclear state.

Because this is a list for trading stocks long, there may be no stocks at all on this list when the general market is not in an uptrend.

It is worth remembering that, when the market has undergone a fall, a stock that has fallen less than the market, is showing strength. Resistance to the market fall often makes for a good candidate when the market starts to rise again.

The process is entirely algorithmic. The list is whatever it is each week, with no set number of symbols. In times where the market is behaving well, there will be a greater number of symbols on this list. If the market is going sideways or down, this list will dwindle accordingly. So there is a secondary piece of information here -- the number of symbols on this list is also indicative of how conducive the market is to long trades, right now. More detail below.

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As an example: at the time this is written, the market is making new highs in a smooth run up -- very good conditions for long trading. There are 32 symbols on the Top Gun Long List, and all but one or two are showing great moves.
This list produces symbols with great looking charts -- assuming there are any to be found. You are then able to look at the Relative Strength data for the stock, and its sector and industry, to fine tune your selection.